7 Most Potential Jobs in The U.S.A in 2017

The same trend anticipatory potential careers in 2017 and compiled from statistics Cheatsheet channel of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

1. Statistics

You Pigments analysis and reasoning? Consider pursuing the field of statistics – a promising growth sector reaches 34%. The main work of a statistical method that uses statistical analysis to process data and to try to correct the problem. Statisticians can work in many different areas and at different locations. Approximately 15% of the statistical work for the federal government, 14% work in the service of research and development of science and 13% pursue finance and insurance.

2. Technical wind turbine

According page, the expected growth of the wind energy sector in 2050, in 48 states of the US, was 404.25 GW. Therefore, undeniably great attraction of the technician workforce is wind turbines and the rapid development of this field. Employment service technician wind turbine is expected to grow 108% from 2014 to 2024.

If you like to work at altitude and favorite external environment, this move could be the work suits you. Requirements input educated for this profession are often university / college, with expected average salary is $ 51,000 annually since January 5/2015.

3. Physical Therapy Assistant

Physical therapy assistants work directly with therapists to help patients recover from injury or illness, helping them improve their ability to exercise and help prevent problems arising. The average salary for this profession is $ 42.980 per year. This job requires a college degree and a license (if any).

If you want to become a therapist with double wages and more flexible work, please plan to conquer specialized doctoral degree offline.

4. The home health aide

In fact, this work did not bring the salary is too high (averaging $ 21.920 / year or $ 10.54 / hour), but this is the meaning of work, allowing you to work with the elderly, the sick sickness, disability and impairment.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics United States, the employment prospects of this sector is 38%. And if you want to look for opportunities to work abroad, this could be a promising job particularly in countries with a high rate of aging population like Japan.

5. Nurse anesthetist, nurses and nurse-midwife major

At work, nursing students will find that the average salary $ 104.740 / year ($ 50.36 / hour) was fully deserved for a long time to learn and study hard.

Requirements of each job location may vary by country and social practices, but often human anesthesia nursing, primary nursing and midwifery nursing carries many diverse tasks and exciting.

6. Personal Financial Advisor

Flat world to help people increasingly go further and achieve more, that’s why financial problems building and use it also became the leading preoccupation of advanced individual.

If becoming a personal financial advisor, you can help people make more informed decisions about money issues and provide intelligent advice and useful to people from all floors social class.

Financial adviser sector needed everywhere, so you can easily find work in all areas, with the average salary $ 89.160 / year.

7. Genetic counselor

With a master’s degree, you can become a genetic counselor and begin an exciting career research on DNA.Tu 2015, the average salary of this work is $ 72,000 / year. Genetic counselors who meet with individuals or families to help them determine the risk of a genetic condition, simultaneously, you can also take charge of providing information for care services health.

Source: Cheatsheet


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