Achieving Highest Scholarship Level In Australia

During the past year, nearly 630,000 international students choose to study in Australia. Australia is a country with an extremely friendly and dynamic, will give you the experience of learning “Aussie”.

Decoding the appeal of Australia

As an international student in Australia, you will experience one of the best education in the world, but most especially at this time of learning takes place outside the classroom. Australia has always been the “magnet” for tourists and people who like to explore. From residential areas to the bustling city or the beautiful beaches, from the rainforest to arid desert, it really is a favorite destination, and as soon as you step off the plane quickly realize why it’s popular with students and tourists to this. Australia now has a population of about 22.844 million people.

As an international student, you will have the opportunity to live and study in one of the vibrant, exciting and multicultural world.

Australian education

The education system in Australia is very reputable, known for efficiency and high quality teaching. These universities and schools of Australia is consistently ranked the best in the world. There have been 10 Nobel Prize awarded to Australians. Australia boasts 37 universities funded by the government and two private universities, not to mention a lot of training institutions offering higher degree courses. The University of Sydney is the country’s oldest school, established in 1850.

In 2011-2012, there are 7 Australian universities are ranked in the top 200, including the University of Melbourne in position 37, followed by the Australian National University in 38th position.

Australia encourages innovation and independent thinking, combined with an excellent education system and diverse culture, you will find plenty of opportunities once you finish school.

Studying abroad is a great way to promote your work and your career opportunities, and the opportunity to enhance self-confidence and social skills, especially in a country like studying in Australia .

Four seasons in Australia

Australia is a country truly special, not only because of its reputation for education, but also because of the beautiful area and a unique climate.

Australia’s climate change a lot due to the vast size of the country. The coastal cities often have warm weather all year round. Summer falls between December and February, and extremely hot, the temperature is about 260C to 380C. Make sure you bring loose clothing for the summer and do not forget sunglasses and a swimsuit offline. With summer on the occasion of Christmas, do not be surprised if you have to go through Christmas on the beach with a BBQ, a very Australian experience.

June to August are the coldest months, it is winter in Australia. If you study in the north of Australia, like Cairns, north of Brisbane or Ayers Rock, you will not feel too cold because the average temperature of about 200C. Other areas of Australia as Canberra, the temperature can go down to the freezing point during winter. Bring hats, gloves and scarves, and make sure you have a warm enough coat to the thermal storage layer.

When you know where you will learn, it is best to dig in the winter climate there. Of ocean currents affect the climate of Australia, which is one of the reasons a lot of rainfall changes from year to year. Make sure you always carry an umbrella and waterproof jacket.

In Australia, the students tend to dress quite natural, but it’s better if you have a few polite outfit for an interview or an important event. Australia does not have a formal national costume, and although there are many places requirements on dress standards, selecting clothing is still the choice of the individual, people dressed so nice and with weather. In the hot season, it’s time along with swimwear flip-flops, but if you want to clubs or theaters, you will have to dress neat, clean clothes with matching shoes.

Learning in a multicultural country like Australia and interesting will give you the opportunity to explore the beautiful scenery and soak up the unique culture here, if you want to travel around the country, you sure to be learned about where you plan to come and bring appropriate clothing.

As an international student, you will have the chance to really live in the style of Australia, and will never have a chance to get better.

Australian super Scholarship 2017

1. Monash University

Monash International Leadership Scholarship 100% Tuition Scholarship

Quantity: 4 Productivity

Who: International students

Requirements: Letter of Acceptance program full-time Bachelor or Postgraduate (Coursework format) at a campus of Monash in Australia full-time or post-graduate (Coursework) in a branch of Monash

Honours Accounting and Finance Scholarship Scholarship AUD 6,000

Who: Students in Australia or New Zealand, students with immigrant visas in Australia, international students

Admission Bachelor of Commerce (Honors), majoring in accounting and finance at Monash Australia.

Bachelor of International Business Scholarship Scholarship Diploma Pathway AUD 6,000

For the future: International Students

Requirements: Completion of Diploma of Business program (Specialized Business and commerce) of Monash College.

Admission Bachelor programs in International Business branch of Monash University in Melbourne.

Faculty of Information Technology Scholarships International Merit Scholarship AUD 6,000

Requirements: International Admission Application

Start or continue the Bachelor or Postgraduate (Coursework) by Faculty of Information Technology application in a branch of Monash University in Australia.

English Language Scholarship Program IT AUD 5,000

Requirements: International students from Vietnam.

Admission English program offered by the English Language Center (MUELC) Monash University.

Scholarship recipients Promotion Center of Human Resource Development of the People’s Committee of Da Nang city.

International Undergraduate Scholarship Merit Scholarship Pharmacy 25-50% tuition

Who: International students

Admission either the Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy at a branch of Monash University in Australia.

Have had time to study abroad at the time of filing, or register the program in Australia with Australian qualifications, do not register through VTAC course.

2. University of Wollongong

Excellence Scholarship Student Of UOW University (UES)

University of Wollongong partial scholarships for student tuition achieve superior results through Excellence Scholarship Program Student of UOW University. This scholarship donated 15% of the annual course fee for the duration of the course, the maximum period of four years. If you have a high school results stand, you will be considered when applying to receive UOW UES; do not need a separate application form. Fellowships are not limited in number.

(This scholarship is for students to register for the program Bachelor’s degree (only at branches in Australia) except for Medicine, Nursing, Nutrition / Dietetics, Disciplines / Rehabilitation , Sociology, Psychology and Education).

International Scholarship Award of Academic Achievement According UOW (FMS)

International Scholarship Award of Academic Achievement According UOW (FMS) offered the usual 15-25% fee. When combined with UES, scholarships totaling reduce tuition fees by 30-40%. International Scholarship Award The Academic Achievement is awarded to those students who apply with outstanding results. If you are enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree of UOW campus in Australia in one of the following areas, you will automatically be considered for this scholarship:

FMS 25% scholarship

Art, Creative Arts, Performing, Newspapers
Media studies and communication, digital communication
Economy and finance
International Studies
Lawyers (by application)

FMS 15% scholarship

Business Information Systems
Computer Science, Information Technology
Mathematics, Mathematics and Finance, Health Mathematics
Medical physicists and radiation
Science (Materials science and nuclear technology, physics

Faculty Scholarship engineers and information technology

Faculty of Engineering and Information Science School (EIS) awarded scholarships worth up to A $ 7.644 for Vietnam students with high achievement enrolled in science courses master EIS. The achievements of students with eligibility for this scholarship will be invited to register for scholarships when students register for courses.

Sydney Business School Scholarships

Each semester Sydney Business School awarded 5 partial scholarships for international students. These scholarships worth 25% of tuition for a master’s courses in business schools Sydney. If you have a higher average score (GPA), you can register to use the scholarship application form on the website of the School of Business Scholarship Sydney.

Scholarship assistance of Sydney Business School

Scholarship support for international students of Sydney Business School will work with a number of courses offered at the Sydney Business School in Circula Quay in Sydney. The number of scholarships is no limit, and all students have the academic achievement are eligible for scholarship support. The scholarships are valued at 16-18% of the total tuition, awarded in the form of tuition remission for the last two courses in the Master’s program 12 subjects, 3 subjects or end in 16 subjects masters program study (depending on the average scores of students GPA). Scholarship support will be applied with a teaser.


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