Hoang Viet Trong – The Process of Achieving Scholarship of University of Melbourne

In early 2015, hoping to be developed in an environment truly international nature, your family Trong Hoang Viet, under the advice and support of the company 360 Connect, has to learn and really believe in quality and worldwide reputation of Kilmore international school to come to a decision for his son started his big new life away from home and studying at this prestigious school.

From the beginning of enrollment, Writing Trong had a pretty great start. Even in his first semester, weight along with 3 other students from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand were extremely honored to be represented internationally Kilmore event “Welcome students, foreign students Victoria International to “place in government buildings and excellence won in this contest. Though still young, but has a kin to a foreign country to study, live, but they have proved to be a strong boy and makes parents more peace of mind when you see the maturity where em. After a few months to become familiar with the new environment, Write Trong has really adapted to the pace of life and the way of learning, the organization of the school. The picture below is the evidence for the dynamic and integrated with international friends of awards at The Kilmore International School.

Last January, after the end of the curriculum at The Kilmore International School with a score of excellence and received a scholarship from the University of Melbourne, Trong visited 360 Connect 360 Connect and support the visa procedure for courses at the University of Melbourne.

Invite you to listen to the sharing of the article in after finishing the course of yourselves!

Offers Weight! Congratulations you have successfully completed their courses at The Kilmore International School. I can share with you about the learning environment in here?

You know, Kilmore International School has always taken the motto: “Boarders are the” heart and soul “of the school and experience a family atmosphere” as the guiding principles of the operation so friendly and harmonious, then you can peace of mind. Learning environment is very suitable for international students looking for experience alone to create a buffer before entering college.

Her learning outcomes The Kilmore International School school how?

I achieved 40/45 points IB (International Baccalaureate)!

You get the score and almost absolute! The fruits of the efforts that you gain a scholarship from the University of Melbourne, right?

Because the University of Melbourne is Australia’s No. 1 college and I look forward to studying here. So in the learning process at Kilmore International School I have tried my best to be able to achieve the highest score in the school although there are also a very stressful time. Surprise that I do not just come straight in at the University of Melbourne, but also the 20% scholarship.

Congratulations effort and effort by not your children in the age of the children also achieve this result.

Thank you ^^

In the process of making records to prepare for courses at the University of Melbourne, you receive Visa after how many days?

After submission one week, I received a Visa. Everything is really surprisingly fast! Siblings are at 360 Connect enthusiastic support and commitment throughout the course and is now complete profile help you go to college, I thank all of you very much. I hope that 360 Connect will continue to accompany and wing for studying dreams of many others like me.

Thank you. I can share some of my experience for fellow of 360 Connect preparing to study abroad?

Indeed, when studying abroad is that you will have to face many difficulties such as homesickness at first or if his language barrier has to. But just try it through the first month of your head will adapt very quickly. I passed the time by exploring some of the city where they learn and hard to talk to foreigners. So everything is going very good. I wish you all of the 360 ​​Connect students prepare well for, to a new school is always a good learning experience and there are many!

Thank weight for your share! 360 Connect always wish you good learning and achieve good results in their degree course!

I also wish my company grows and help get more of your students. Summer holidays next year if given the opportunity to Vietnam I will definitely visit everyone!

360 Connect Hoang Viet Trong wished the upcoming courses at the University of Melbourne to study hard, have plenty of experience and success. See you nearest you one day!


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