Nguyen Hoai Linh – To Gain 50% Scholarship From University of Wollongong

360 Connect congratulate Hoai Linh has received Visa for Australia and 50% scholarships at University of Wollongong in Australia. This is the conversation after receiving Visa Hoai Linh has just 2 WEEKS !!!

– 360 Connect: Happy Hoai Linh I had 2 weeks for Australia visa application. Now my mood like?

– Hoai Linh: I feel very surprised and extremely happy sir, because I know that Visa Australia under strict approval, unbelievably fast and I went through so smoothly

– 360 Connect: I had intended to study a long time and have not started to learn to make the dream like?

– Hoai Linh: Starting off a bye first semester, I feel external economic sector do not suit me, so long even want to look for a more appropriate environment.

– 360 Connect: You can share the process of preparation and his understanding for the others are not?

– Hoai Linh: Okay sir. Because my friends to study a lot, you just ask your friends and find out more information on the network this ^^

– 360 Connect: Then why did you choose Australia, namely Wollongong?

– Hoai Linh: As I understand it in Europe with some water so I did not choose, Finland and the Netherlands, the climate is too harsh with not many universities are in the top rankings so I did not choose. England still too expensive, the cost is not for students to do more, so I decided on Australia’s Wollongong, over his suit.

– 360 Connect: And what about the English, why? He found that most foreign trade students have English proficiency are pretty sure do not matter right?

– Hoai Linh: Completely different from a bye. Specialized school children in grade 3 Russia both college entrance exam is also the starting point for the Russian language should my English is quite low, when intended Kids went to school 1 english courses 3 months later to collect documents and study again after 1 year was 7.5 IELTS results.

– The 360 ​​Connect: study at home that my IELTS has reached 7.5, real snow if time to time you can share secrets of his self-taught English to you.

– Hoai Linh: ok sir

– 360 Connect: What difficulties you encountered in the preparation process again?

– Hoai Linh: There are more than please. The first is the choice of school, thousands of universities is extremely difficult. This issue I had to ask friends and a lot of experienced people ahead combined with information search the Internet for the duration of 1 year to decide.

The second is the preparation of visa applications is expensive and takes a lot of time. I have come a consulting firm earlier but people do not carefully consulting and advisory also wrong, so I asked for change agent. Then I was introduced to the 360 ​​Connect, the brothers and sisters here to do very well, help you complete the dossier even had SCHOLARSHIP 50%. ^^

– 360 Connect: Once again congratulations I have Visa and the first step to realize the dream of yourselves ^^. But why did you choose the media – Marketing world, you’re doing this work here, to talk all day, sometimes have to go and get information such as Meu dead tired laughs *

– Hoai Linh: Because I find it interesting, dynamic, to meet many people. With you saw this job should also imagination with creativity. Far from the accounting profession as you bear types. Working with data much headache., Finished to very carefully.

– 360 Connect: Very great. Wishing you success and 360 Connect are happy to accompany you ^^


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