Usurpation Paris, Montreal Becomes The Best Student City in 2017

After four consecutive years maintained the top spot, Paris lost “throne” for Montreal in the ranking “The best student city in 2017” by QS, announced on 02.14.2017.

About the rankings

2017 is the 5th year results announced QS ranking “The best student city in 2017”, is evaluated based on the following items: Ranking the University, student diversity, Count attraction, recruitment market and expenses. This year, QS adds a new evaluation item is “Angle students” with the participation of 18,000 students surveyed students and recent graduates worldwide.

A new addition in this year’s rankings were already loosened QS ranking by 25 positions, bringing the total to 100 cities ratings (compared with 75 cities in the previous year).

To be eligible for election, the city must have a population of over 150,000 people and owns at least two universities named in the ranking of world universities in 2017.

Montreal thrones

With high scores in all six categories and remarkable gains (up 7 ranking than last year), the municipality always present in the list of most liveable cities world of Canada – Montreal – the city is born best Park 2017 Montreal world thanks to the students who have cast a vote because they gave high marks for the “angle students”.

Accordingly, the Montreal student favorite activities thanks bring innovative arts and culture, friendly people, the cost is not too expensive and the learning environment is multicultural – always student-key toothpick.

On this occasion, the site of McGill University was “celebrating” this victory by an analysis of the points brought positive results for Montreal – the city will celebrate the 375-year-old birthday in 2017.

The nominees for ratings University, Montreal University owns 3 ratings listed in 2016: McGill University (top 30 in the world), Université de Montréal (rank 126) and Concordia University (rank 466).

According to information from the Chamber of Commerce of Montreal metropolitan area, the city is a place of 155 252 students attend the University, and one third of international students in the city is a student at McGill.

Ollivier Dyens, Vice Chancellor of McGill (in charge of Student Life and Learning) said: “Montreal is a city worth living. The people of Montreal, McGill students tolerance, gentleness and creativity, they welcome students and immigrants from all over the world with open arms. And from studies over the years, we all know the most innovative cities are also the most tolerant city “.

Scores Top 10 list

In the final top 10, Canada also owns a different representation is Vancouver (10th).

Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec as well as the names are listed in the top 100 this year.

Tied for the number of cities included in the top 10 with Canada is Germany, with Munich (Grade 9) and Berlin (Grade 6). The experts, high ranking German is thanks largely to free education policy apply to all undergraduate students.

Asia has two representatives is Tokyo (Grade 7) and Seoul (4).

Meanwhile, the US and Australia only a single representative reached the top 10 respectively Boston (Class 8) and Melbourne (5). Remarkable is the most American cities in the top 100 will tend to downgrade this year (up 5 separate Boston and New York rose 1 Rating Rating).

Results ranking this year is said to be a good sign for the British capital, while London rose to 2 from last year to rank in the top 3. This is explained by the impact of the Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union is to economy, making sterling depreciation and the cost easier for foreign students. Two other cities to get high rankings of the UK are Edinburgh (18th) and Manchester (rank 23).


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