Overseas Study In The U.S.A

The country’s universities are consistently ranked flags rated as high quality education worldwide, the graduates from universities in the United States always has certain advantages when participating candidates job. Another reason to attract large numbers of international students to study in the US that is learning from, the university offers a lot of variety of courses: from the academic programs such as animal nuclear, to very creative courses like art and film director.

For students seeking postgraduate courses, factors in the selection of a university in the US is funding for research. US top leader of the country support the cost of research by students, is ranked No. 2 UK

Not only be appreciated on qualifications, companies and international organizations appreciate the soft skills as well as high adaptability to the international working environment of the graduates. US often leading the ranking list of universities worldwide that the Ivy League schools, eight leading private school in the northeast of the US, as well as among the top US schools such as MIT, University California and Stanford University …

American culture

Right from the beginning, America was founded by immigrants from Western Europe along with the indigenous people (Aborigines). Continuous influx of migrants arriving in the US from around the world. This has turned the US into a diverse country, where virtually all the representatives of the peoples and ethnicities. With a large geographic area, one can see all the diversity of climate and scenery here.
Many American students will definitely see the cultural image of their country in the American culture, either positively or negatively, from what they have seen on television and in movies. However, mainstream American culture is extremely diverse and complex and varies from region to region this geographic geographical, between rural and urban areas, and can be influenced in particular from the ethnic communities in each region.
Today, American culture prominence to individuals regardless of race, religion or society. Independence and autonomy are taught from a young age, encouraged competition and achievement is commendable.

Moving about America

If you are traveling around the United States, you will be best served in domestic airlines. The low-cost carrier for travel made this relatively inexpensive and convenient. Long-distance bus service Greyhound is also very cheap, but the time will be longer. Interstate train service provided by Amtrak, although due to the geographical size of the country, it is mainly used in densely populated states to the northeast, where the distance traveled considerably shorter. Car hire is a popular choice, especially for travel to neighboring states.

After completing Grade 12 and graduation, the future students are facing many choices of majors, the interconnection of different directions. When the US decided to study abroad, you can choose a community college, university and college Liberal Arts.
– Community college:

+ Definition: A common transition of students. After completing two years at a community college, students will transfer to the university (third year in college).

+ Length of course: 2 years

+ Reputation: Commonly known under the reputation of the university.

+ Position: Standing near the university.

+ Entry requirements:
Complete Grades 10-12
GPA: 6.0 or later.
Age: Round 16 (by birth)

+ Fees: Tuition is low and many choices of school fees. Ranging from $ 5,000 – 9.000USD a year.

+ Scholarship: Scholarship rare Often. Usually around $ 500 per year.

+ Program: The program is equivalent to the first two years at university.

+ Class size: 20-25 students in a class.

+ Teaching: The professor of the University will be teaching classes at a community college.

+ Major: Often the generic teaching of disciplines such as economics, engineering, humanities, science and art. Some schools teach more apprenticeships.

+ Extracurricular activities: At community colleges, usually do not have many student clubs and organizations for students to socialize.

+ Job Opportunities: If the only community college graduates, the competition is not high compared to the US labor market.


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