Some Tips For Overseas Students When Go To The Market In The USA

US study to be a great event. But once you’ve set foot here, you need to get used the most basic skills to adapt to a new life.

For example, would you have just moved into a new apartment, and now you need to go buy food and drink. If you live with you, you will talk to your roommates to distinguish who will buy anything, or better yet buy and set aside.

The first visit to your grocery store (grocery store) in an unfamiliar city can not be what you imagine where we tell you so a few tips for making public procurement US becomes easier for you.

Make a list

Before you go shopping, think about what you need, then make a list of things to buy. Are you trying to buy fresh food? Or cereal and breakfast foods? Set aside a few minutes map bulleted things you want to buy before coming to the store to make sure you do not forget the essentials.

Knowing when to buy

Although many US stores open 24/7, you should still check the opening hours of grocery stores close to your home as possible. If you want to avoid buying at large, should buy the early morning or late evening. The busiest time of the shops are lunchtime (12 wind- 1 pm) or at the end of the shift (5 hours chieu- 6 pm)

The deals can take place in many different today, but normally will be the day Wednesday with the best product discounts. Wednesday is the day the supermarkets often move back row of vegetables and meat.

Use discount coupon

One of the best ways to save money while shopping using discount card coupon-. With the coupon, some products will be discounted and you can find coupons in many places such as in newspapers, magazines, on the internet or in the store. When you cash out, remember to bring coupons to the cashier before they swipe products.

Differentiating products and brand products usually

A lot of international students do not understand the differences between products are often branded products. Products are usually products for mass production, so we have the packaging simple and eye-catching, cheaper price. Contrary to it, the products are often more expensive brand for these products offered by big companies. However, one thing that many of you do not know, it’s the quality of the two types of products are most similar. Our advice is to buy the product regularly.

Loyalty cards

The majority of grocery stores in the US have membership card program for shoppers donate. You simply place the customer service desk and asked for membership registration, you will have to fill in a small application form to get a free card. With this card, you will earn Points for the next purchase.

Find Asian food

Some food stores have areas for Asians. To conserve time, check the website before going to the store to buy. You can also email the store manager asked if they could order some food for you.

If you are having difficulty in finding Asian food, you try to refer to the room to support the international students of the school or other students ahead.

The first time you go to the market in the US could be a new experience for you. But eventually, you’ll get used to it. And do not forget, if you’re looking to buy something, the store staff is always ready to guide you.


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