Students Talk About 360 Connect

Coordinating closely with educational institutions as international partners, 360 Connect committes and is proud to bring students study abroad program success through professional consulting services and strategies to prepare dossiers effective visa, the student care services and dedicated vast network supports internships and job opportunities after graduation.

Listen to the sharings of the 360 Connect  ​​students Connect all  ^^

Nguyen Tran Thuy Nga, she was class president of the class dynamic petite 12 Mathematics, Le Hong Phong High School: “Before coming to the center, I have not been clearly defined objectives, plans, time I will go to study. Siblings met in the center of the Connect 360 is the lucky thing for me. Thank you brothers and sisters helped oriented, school choice, preparing documents, forged visa interview. Thank siblings helped me accomplish the dream that you cherished so long. “

Nguyen Hoai Linh, freshman external economics Foreign Trade University: “When you meet people, maybe I became a mature student. I feel extremely happy and definitely will never forget what the siblings in 360 Connect was helpful so I can get Visa to study success. “

Le Minh Khoi, high school students in grades 12 Le Quy Don: “I thank the company for 360 Connect has advised and helped me complete profile Australian overseas. I wish the company is growing and there are many of you came here to accomplish the dream to study abroad. “

Nguyen Kieu Chi, a former high school students in Hanoi Amsterdam Forum: “The friendly, enthusiastic and extremely professional siblings helped wings to my dream of studying abroad. Since the process of finalizing documents for scholarships until they receive visas, everything was quickly made my feelings broke down. “

Le Anh Minh, the boy prodigy read and rated computers since age 3, students in grades 12 News, Chu Van An High School: “I thank the 360 ​​Connect, the brothers and sisters has helped me in the preparation equipment records, visa and finish my study. Hopefully the company will continue to wing for studying dreams of many others. “

Bui Phuong Linh,  a dynamic girl from Specialized Froeign Language High School : “My feelings had no trouble clearing the scholarship and student visa quickly to the unexpected. Good companies are always successful and accompanies us in the next journey! “

Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, leader Informatics club: “I thank all of you at 360 Connect in all this time was dedicated to helping the children in the study records and submitting a visa. Hope to see everyone as children of Vietnam. Wish you all the best !!! “

Dang Manh Cuong, a guy with a passion to become a hotel management: “To the brothers and sisters of children companion Connect 360 completed dossiers visa and accommodation arrangements quickly. Thank siblings have wings for my dream of studying abroad. “

Nguyen Linh Chi, the girl with the dream to study in the beautiful land of maple leaves: “I thank the enthusiastic counseling, care, support and dedication of the sisters liability company 360 Connect. Thanks to the companionship of people that you can study in success. I’m very grateful and wish their company grows. “

Nguyen Ngoc Long, the future technical engineer: “Listen to the counseling center was through a friend that now being met in the center of the siblings. Siblings friendly advice that enthusiasm back again. Kids are counseling centers have been oriented their careers. Thanks a lot !!! center “

And there are many other faces more that 360 elite proud Connect wing for companionship and dreams of your study. Wishing you a new learning environment in school is always good, with plenty of experience and success.

How about you all, please come to our 360 Connect to be accompanied me on the journey you conquer scholarships and study abroad dreams of yourselves ^^


To be overseas study consulted with 360 Connect, please contact us

Hanoi head office

Level 9, 20 Thuy Khue St., Tay Ho Dist.

Phone: (+84) 4 3847 1188    

Mobile: (+84) 912 399 360


Ho Chi Minh city branch office

28 Phung Khac Khoan St., Dist. 1

Phone: (+84) 8 3823 9119    

Mobile: (+84) 912 678 360


Australia branch office

8/39 Greek Street, Glebe NSW 2037

Mobile: (+61) 456 333 339


U.S.A branch office

671 Safeharbour Dr, Ocoee FL 34761

Mobile: (+1) 407-300-5881


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