Studying Abroad In The UK

UK includes England (England), Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland with a total population of about 61.4 million people. London is the largest city in England. With a total population of about 8.1 million, which is considered the most multicultural city in the world and is an extremely exciting place to live and study.

Equity education oldest university, has three leading universities of England are Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London is ranked 4th, 6th and 8th in the list of the world’s most prestigious schools . It also is a place to nurture the “brains” of the world’s eminent as Mr Tim Berners-Lee (the creator of the Internet) and Stephen Hawking (who contributes to knowledge about black holes – black holes, space and time). Every year, thousands of international students choose the UK as study destination. Between 2010 and 2011 there were more than 480,700 international students studying in the UK. Overall, the UK education system is divided into three parts: primary, secondary and tertiary to primary education compulsory up to the age of 16 lasted – when students decide to go to school or university colleges learn.

The UK study gives you the opportunity to develop their English proficiency as well as the skills and qualities needed for future careers. British education encourages students to think independently. There are many curriculum, spread across many different disciplines to choose from, especially in undergraduate. It is important to identify your dream job after graduation to find groups of subjects (modules) involved. If English skills are not satisfactory, you can register for additional courses outside school hours to improve their language skills.

Weather and Climate

On average, every three days the sun will be a rainy day in the UK, in fact sometimes even “wet” over. The annual average temperature of about 8.5 ° C in the North and 11 ° C in the south. The special thing is that sometimes you can feel all kinds of weather, wind and rain the same day.

Between December and February is the time of the winter across the UK with “specialty” is the cold and rainy days profusely. January and February are considered the coldest period of the year. If you choose to study in the coastal cities, you should note well clothed and confined wool scarf, all warm and gloves into the street. Wear a scarf, wear boots or waterproof outfit is extremely necessary to keep the body warm. The students studying in the North or Scotland will have the opportunity to welcome white Christmas because this is where the first (or only) in the UK are welcome snow.

Summer usually falls between June and August with average temperatures could reach 30°C, depending on the area you live. So, do not forget to prepare summer clothes and sunglasses for the occasion.

Why business school in the UK?

If you want to work in the field of trade business in the UK, the study is a perfect first step. The zone is located between the US and Asia helped Britain to become one of the global capitals of different industries, including finance, commerce, management, consulting, marketing and accounting. A lot of international financial companies are headquartered in Europe or even global headquarters here. Job opportunities for students so that extremely rich.

In the course of study in the UK, you will have the opportunity to practice, apply for jobs, as well as build valuable relationships for the future after graduation. Those graduates who intend to establish the company will also be the case and the relevant organizations eager to help.

One reason “with the reasonable” is that England possesses many leading business schools of the world, with many different specialties, in accordance with the aspirations of individuals.

The common curriculum

At the university level, you can look to the preparatory program or certification programs and national diploma (BTEC HNDs) in the field of business management or more specialized courses, such as Management culinary Management, event Management, Hotel Management … these courses usually require students to take practice to capture the actual work skills, some courses are accredited by the organization as CIM industry (supply unit and certificate courses in Marketing).

Structural programs, a business management program lasting three years will begin with a general introduction to the school year of financial, accounting, economic and administrative organization, there may be additional optional subjects such as commercial law, modern languages ​​or computer science. In the second year and third year, students select majors to go more in depth.


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