Who are we?

M&L Migration is a migration consulting agency with more than 15 years in the immigration field. We specialize in Migration, Investment, and Citizenship. With 4 global offices in Australia, U.S.A, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh, our work is to assist everyone who has the immigration dream and wishes to migrate to a country that offers better living standards and quality of life and career opportunities. We are a business that knows what it takes to be successful in this complex industry, and we are here for you during every phase of the process from filing your application through temporary residence until permanent residence.

What do we do?

As your immigration advisory firm, we will work with you to prepare your immigration file. We have the experience to help you navigate the federal and provincial laws around residency, secondary landing provisions, and more. 


  • Carefully analyze each case, to show the merits of you and your family to the immigration authorities, make it possible for the successful immigration.
  • Prepare your application, and communicate directly with immigration officials to ensure efficient processing of your application.

Our Vision


We're here to help your immigration dreams come true, whether you dream of a happy family and a successful career, or are simply looking to start over. M&L Migration specialises in immigration services including migration, citizenships and investment, for individuals who want to make the world their home. We believe our personalised approach is best-suited for anyone considering moving abroad or advancing in their career - whether on the other side of the globe or just across town.

Our mission

Our Mission is to open the door of opportunity effectively and competently to those individuals who would like to build a better life abroad, whether it’s finding a new home, or seeking for new business opportunities. As one of the leading organisations in the migration industry, we have been assisting clients achieve their goals since the 2000s. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the exact service they need, in both legal and commercial aspects of their relocation requirements.

Our Commitment

M&L Migration is committed to delivering the highest level of client satisfaction, on these following aspects:

l   Assignment quality: Exceed client's expectations by providing the highest quality Immigration services in the industry

l  Value delivery: We provide dedicated solutions and focus on customer satisfaction with every assignment we undertake

l  Transparency and up-to-date: Customers are able to access an online portal to collect documents from reliable sources, conveniently and easily

l  Active listening and action: Any area in which full client satisfaction is not delivered must be analysed, and corrective action taken wherever necessary.


Our team

Immigration is one of the major decisions of your life. You must make sure that your application is absolutely flawless and will not encounter any unnecessary procedural delays. Our experienced team will give you complete satisfaction at every step of your application process. We will guide you in your settlement plans, your business planning, or job search in your dream country. At M&L Migration, we ensure personal attention to your file and prompt responses to all of your questions. 


  • Professional consultants with diverse skill sets, and customers-focused to offer the best services
  • An Australian Immigration Lawyer (one of the fewest people in Vietnam with this certification) works closely with M&L
  • Well-trained legal practitioners in practices of digital transactions, who has undergone a thorough vetting process
  • Provide an online portal where the client can collect documents from anywhere in the world, conveniently and easily

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