Outstanding Features of The Education of Singapore

Singapore, officially known as the Republic of Singapore, is an island nation with a population of nearly 5 million people. Urban centers is probably the largest city in Asia, but cleaner, less cluttered and everything happens very punctual here.

In fact, this is a healthy and ‘shiny’, where people wait for traffic signals new changes to the road, lost in the leading shopping centers in the world, cafes, and the restaurant has air-conditioned to avoid the tropical heat. This is also a multicultural city full of fun where the influence of the East and West blend both in language and culture. More than 40% of the population are foreigners, including thousands of foreign students, so if you are an international student thinking about studying here, you know that you will never be alone!

Singapore is also a paradise for those who are interested about eating. The culture of Malaysia, Chinese, Western, Indian and Eurasian blend created to bring myriad of choices. Look to the Chinese District (Chinatown) and Little India (Little India) to eat the best food with the most reasonable costs you can find!

Culture Singapore

There are countless things to explore beyond the attractions of the city tourists. Near Sentosa, the island of St John’s and Kusu playground created tropical seaside of Singapore, where you can swim or relax on the sandy beach, picnic and escape from the city. On the mainland, you can explore the lake, the forest path and listen Choe even monkeys in the trees. For those who prefer more activity, Singapore boasts a wealth of entertainment, from cycling, swimming, to climbing and water sports.

Recently, the government has invested heavily in the arts environment is growing, with the opening of Esplanade great area – Theatres on the Bay Area. This is the world-class performing arts theater and is often the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. There are also some great places in the city to enjoy the performances live music, theater and cinema.

What makes Singapore become unique?

Singapore can say is where East Meets West. This is probably the cleanest city on Earth, with skyscrapers rising above the green belt park. The city is famous as the center of business, education and finance in Southeast Asia, has recently been awarded the title of fastest-growing economies in the world. This created favorable things for international students have the opportunity to enjoy an education in world-class while enjoying the rich cultural heritage and vibrant Singapore. Interestingly, the peoples of Singapore (Chinese, Malay, Indian, Eurasian) live in harmony with one another, creating a separate identity as the “Singapore”, but they still maintain the tradition as well as the organization of traditional festivals of their people.

However, Singapore’s colonial past still echoes here. The buildings and churches located just south of the river, including the majestic Raffles Hotel, certainly reminds locals of the period of British dominance. English is widely used, along with other Asian languages, creating a truly international community. Bilingual education system in Singapore reflects the rich culture of this interesting because the courses are taught in English with Malay / Mandarin / Tamil.

Living costs of students

Singapore living standards among the highest in Asia. However, compared to the Western countries, the cost of living here is relatively low and basic things like food and clothing are affordable.

Your biggest expense will be the tuition, then the cost of accommodation and food. International students in Singapore tend to spend an average of about 750 to S $ 2,000 a month living expenses. This amount will of course vary depending on lifestyle and your course. For example, if you move to an empty apartment unfurnished, you may need to purchase items such as refrigerators, washing machines and other belongings.

How to open a bank account

Open a bank account in Singapore is very easy. To do this, you will need to bring a minimum deposit (usually $ 100 Singapore) if you are under 21 years of age, passport and student card or letter of recommendation from your training institution. You will receive an ATM card so you can withdraw money from ATMs in the city, it also allows you to pay via NETS (system non-cash payment of Singapore).


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