Overseas Study In Holland

These windmills, tulips, bicycles … is what makes the Netherlands so special, but that’s not the reason why this tiny country attracting over 90,000 international student coming to study here each year. Cindy van den Hooff authors know very well why do so 6 the lure of Dutch education.

1. The Good Universities

Dutch universities occupy very important positions in the QS rankings. 6 out of 13 universities of the country in the top 100 and all 13 schools are in the top 400. The University of Amsterdam (Grade 50) hold the highest achievement. Leiden University and Utrecht University holds 75 and 80 classes, while Maastricht University was honored to rank 6 of the list of universities under 50 years the world’s best. University of Delft and Eindhoven are also well-known technology field.

2. The Dutch speak English

According to the new study, Dutch citizens are the best English speaker among countries where English is not the native language in Europe. Although Dutch is the official language new, but many universities here to teach English. In fact, you can easily strike up a conversation in English with the native people. The downside of this is that you will be very difficult to train Dutch when the people are ready, “the migration” in English when talking if you feel you are not fluent in the native language.

3. International Environment

The Netherlands are placed in a very convenient location from which to explore other European countries. With a low-cost airline company, you can fly to Spain with an affordable price and in just two hours. In addition, the high-speed train from Amsterdam to Paris International, Berlin and London will also help your migration easier than ever. Of course do not forget to explore the Netherlands while studying here, especially as destinations (visit the windmill), Keukenhof (go watch the kinds of tulips) and both the famous cheese market Alkmaar.

5. Place all the delicacies gathered on life

The Dutch are the true followers cuisine. On the street, you can find many different cuisines, from French to Thai food and Italian food from food to Indonesia. Besides the restaurant, most of the cities in the Netherlands also have food markets, food festivals in particular. The Markthal, the largest market area in the Netherlands newly opened recently in Rotterdam.

Studying here, you do not miss the opportunity to taste the Dutch snacks, bitterballen, patatje speciaal (French fries with mayonnaise, curry ketchup and onions) and kroket.

6. Because “gezellig”

The first vocabulary that you should know when to Dutch study is “gezellig”, a Dutch word meaning net describe a warm, intimate, fun.

You can use the “gezellig” in many contexts, such as experiencing a dinner fun with friends (It’s soo gezellig! “), To only décor a room in it (” Your room looks very gezellig! “), or even when you’re invited to go for coffee someone such (” Yes let’s meet, gezellig! “).

And no matter what, at the time period of your Holland will also extremely gezellig! Even Obama has seen his travels in Holland “truly gezellig”.


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