Overseas Study of Hospitality Management In Switzerland

“Switzerland does not have many natural resources so that education and knowledge become important resources of this country.” That is why Switzerland became one of the nation’s leading education systems in the world.

Switzerland is known as a peaceful country, a beautiful, hilly landscape with the beautiful nature in the Alps as the high peaks, glaciers and lakes with an area dep.Thuy Sy 41 290 km2 area around is one of the greatest civilizations of Europe, has borders with France to the west, north and east bordering Germany and Austria. Currently the number of international students are studying and research at Swiss universities account for over 40% of the students of the country’s land of watch manufacturing industry and the number is growing steadily on. Of these, more than half of the students are majoring in Tourism Management – Hotel. Not only is the wealthiest country, the world’s most peaceful, well-known in the field of banking and finance, tourism, … This is also one of the most developed industrial countries in Europe, with a lot of business international industrial scale, such as: Norvatis, Roche in the field of chemistry, many leading companies on the food industry such as Nestle, Jacobs-Surchard …

Swiss culture very diverse community so many different languages, including: 65.1% of people in Switzerland speak German, 19% speak French, 9.9% speak Italian and 1.1 % speak Romanche. 3 languages: German, French, Italian is the national language of Switzerland.

Switzerland is a small country should go from one end to the other end of the country is a small thing especially for the transport system of high quality as in Switzerland. Modern road system with a lot of bridges or tunnels through the mountain allows you to be able to transit to Germany, France or Italy. Switzerland is very famous for Geneva – good land to countless conferences for the prosperity of nations worldwide; Jet d’eau fountain – exclamation marks on Lake Geneva and the flower clock – symbol of the industry producing watches for a long notorious not only for the excellent quality but also for luxury models scheduled the Swiss.

Swiss student learning, has to do with higher salaries. In particular, students studying tourism hotels are participating in on-site training. 6-month internship period / year students paid about 2000 CHF, net of any amounts remaining living accommodation savings 1000-1400 USD / month.

The most popular fields of study in the educational system of this country is managing hotels and restaurants, or general service sectors. Employers in this sector tend to hire managers or important positions who have studied in Switzerland. The reason this country is famous in the service sector is by well known for their meticulously calculated, worked hard, careful, honest and efficient even at high pressure job.

Since there are favorable geographical location at the heart of Europe, many schools organize field trips for students on weekends, such as France, Italy, Austria and Germany.

Two leading schools in this sector and Swiss Hospitality Les Roches School. Les Roches in which listed three best schools in the world of hotel management sector. (Taylor Nelson Sofres according to Travel & Tourism, 2010). Swiss Hospitality School has several offices in several cities across the country visitors.

Since learning environment and quality of life should tuition and living expenses are quite high in Switzerland. The tuition rate of Swiss schools vary by institution. To get the specific numbers you should visit the school’s website or by contacting a representative at the international office. The annual average costs about SFr 16,000 you have to SFr 24,000 – depending on where the school and the average quality of life.

A more plausible reason for those who intend to study hotel management sector tourism in Switzerland, which is that you will be facilitated to practice in restaurants, large hotels in Europe (Germany, France, Italy) as well as in the world (the United States).


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