Overseas Study in Canada – Finding Jobs After Graduation

You are concerned about their employment opportunities after graduation? You do not know if I have to stay working in Canada or not? The following article will answer questions for you.

Labor market

The labor market in Canada is quite “rich”. You can find jobs in fields such as transport familiar, banking, tourism or other sectors of Canada’s strengths as kerosene, software engineers, animation, services and information technology.

Job opportunities after graduation

You can completely work immediately after completing the course, but you need to register for a work permit after graduation (Post Graduation Work Permit – PGWP). This license allows you to stay in Canada for up to 3 years (the exact time depends on how long you study here). During the stay, you will have the opportunity to gain experience and skills, thereby helping you accomplish your goals.

Source jobs

Job Bank is the main source of employment for the Canadian government. Besides, you can refer to a number of other sites such as Monster, Job Postings, Workopolis, Canada Jobs and Talent Egg. Here, you can search for jobs, upload CV and references advisers. You also should not ignore the traditional channels such as newspapers or magazines. In addition, the university will also advise you on the appropriate lines in local companies or countries.

If you need more experience to strengthen your CV, you can practice while learning. AIESEC is providing the opportunity to practice in Canada. You can also contact the leading companies operating in the area in which they want to know your work opportunities. You can also refer to Volunteer Canada if it wants to participate in volunteer activities.

Opportunities for immigrants

Canada has always appreciated the contributions of immigrants to the country. If you visit the official website of the CIC, you will find services for immigrants in your area. You can participate in CV writing course in the way that Canadian employers want. In addition, you will also be suggested to start to begin his career.


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